For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God – not by works, so that no one can boast. For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.’ (Ephesians 2:8-10).

Giving and ANBI (Charity) Status

Grace Church worship services and activities are made possible by members and ministers voluntarily offering their time, talents and treasure.  To do what we do for Christ and the community, and to build up our church to serve Groningen better, funding is needed.  So we are grateful for your financial support!

As God has blessed us, so we thank Him by giving accordingly.

Donations to Grace Church (Groningen Anglican Church) can be made by bank transfer to our account:

NL 67 RABO 03012946 23.

Tax-efficient giving: Grace Church Groningen is a church plant and daughter congregation of Holy Trinity Utrecht, within the Anglican Church in the Netherlands, both of which are recognized non-profit organizations for tax purposes, or ‘ANBIs’ (algemeen nut beogende instellingen)*.  Donations to Grace Church Groningen are therefore tax-deductible.  See tax authority’s web-site for details: Belastingdienst, ANBI

There are certain advantages to donors who plan to give regularly, over a longer period.  For further details, please see here:

Notice on Planned Giving

Our online Giving feature will be presented shortly.  Thanks for your patience.

*Public information on Grace Church required for ANBI status:


  1. Name(s): Grace Church (Groningen Anglican Church)
  1. Constitutional position: Church plant (pioneerkerk) of Holy Trinity Utrecht
  1. RSIN: 854468596;  KvK nummer: 61738204
  1. URL/website address:
  1. e-mail address/telephone number: chaplaingracechurchgn[at]
  1. Visiting address with postal code: Witte de Withstraat 2, 9726 EC Groningen
  1. Postal address with postal code: Witte de Withstraat 2, 9726 EC Groningen
  1. Leadership Team: One chair, one vice-chair, one secretary, one treasurer, and three additional leadership team members.
  1. Salaries policy: Grace Church has no stipendiary clergy.  Should Grace Church have stipendiary clergy, this is  as is agreed between the Bishop and the Leadership Team.  Their stipends shall be determined in accordance with or on the basis of stipulations made by, on behalf or with the concurrence of the Bishop.  Neither stipendiary or salaried staff, nor volunteer officers or council members, will receive any remuneration or other financial compensation, however named, in respect of their work in governing the church; and such activities shall not be deemed to establish any claim to tax exemption or tax-exempt payments. Exceptional expenses may be compensated financially only to the maximum nominal amount.


  1. Policy plan: Grace Church is a church plant of Holy Trinity Utrecht (, which is a chaplaincy in the Anglican Church of the Netherlands (, a deanery within the Archdeaconry of Northwest  Europe, which in turn is part of the Church of England’s Diocese in Europe (  Grace Church Groningen is therefore an international church community in the Anglican tradition.  We seek, by the grace of God, to be a worshipping, learning, caring and witnessing Christian community, like the first church in the Bible (Acts 2).  We are part of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, worshipping the one true God, who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We profess the faith that is uniquely revealed in the Bible and summarized in the Nicene and Apostolic Creeds (statements of faith developed in the Early Church and still used in the Church’s worship today).  Scripture, Reason and Tradition, seen as complementing each other, are key sources for Anglican theology.  We firmly believe the Church is called to proclaim the faith of Christ afresh in each generation.  The Scriptures, the faith and witness professed by the Church through the ages, and the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit inspire and shape our lives, as we humbly seek to follow the example of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and witness to His Kingdom.  With respect to our mission and ministry, Grace Church may engage paid staff and other workers, and also may compensate volunteer workers for their activities to the maximum allowable annual amount.
  1. Principal Objectives: As stated above, we seek, by the grace of God, to be a worshipping, learning, caring and witnessing Christian community, like the first church in the Bible (Acts 2).  Therefore, we hold regular worship services, offer Bible studies and prayer groups,  provide pastoral care for members, as well as relief for the poor and refugees, and share the Good News of Christ’s life and teaching, and death and resurrection with all.
  1. Activities report: In the last years, Grace Church has had much to be thankful to God for.  We’ve been gathering for worship on alternate Sundays at the Old Catholic Church since September 2014, and God has richly blessed us with a growing group of enthusiastic and gifted people from all over the world.  We’ve also seen community growth around and between worship Sundays blossom, in the form of shared meals, Bible study, prayer group, and a cycling group.  In June 2014, our first Leadership Team was elected.  This Team has worked hard and well to listen, pray, plan, and coordinate activities and worship at and for Grace Church and the wider community.  Under their guidance, Grace Church has started a new GraceTALKs series on the 1st Sundays of the month, coordinated and led worship life, gained legal and fiscal status for the church including setting up a bank account, launched a new website,  engaged in ecumenical encounter with other churches and in chaplaincy work to the university communities, and provided emergency assistance to those in need, including the many refugees arriving in Groningen and surroundings.


  1. Statement of income & expenses 01-01-2021 to 31-12-2021


                                                                                                         Budgeted                               Actual

Bank Transfers € 10,000 € 14,255
Collections during services € 250 € 112
Extraordinary donations € 10,000
Total € 10,250 24,367



                                                                                                                        Budgeted                                Actual

Rental of Church and other buildings € 2200 € 1800
Services expenses (Resources, Printing) € 235 € 283
Donations (Mission, Charity and Hardship Cases) € 2800 € 2850
Bank fees € 120 € 120
Transportation € 150 € 40
Service & Teaching Honoraria € 3500 € 2416
Website & Promotion € 550 € 206
Total 9555 € 7715
  1. Statement of intended disbursements for 2022


Voluntary donations € 11,500
Collections during services € 250
Total € 12,750


Rental (church building & other venues) € 2700
Charitable donations € 6300
Running costs € 5185
Total € 14,185

Expenses for charities go primarily to ministry to international students in Groningen and organizations aiding refugees in Groningen.


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